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New branding, social media

Preview - Continental Enterprises
Client: Continental Enterprises
Delivered: Complete New Site
ISSUES: New Blog, Twitter | Graphics | Navigation

Another recommendation from a client. CE-IP.com had never received a lead from their old site. We completely changed their aesthetic, navigation.

We recommended a complete new social media strategy and created preliminary graphics for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

We can't wait to hear "We received another lead from our new website."

Note: All content found on www.ce-ip.com is the sole property of Continental Enterprises.

Complete redesign

Preview - Troy Risk
Client: Troy Risk, Inc.
Delivered: Complete re-branding
ISSUES: Branding Graphics | Add New Content

After a recommendation from a prior client, Troy Risk asked us to update their web site. We updated everything from their logo to the site layout.

The client is pleased so far, but the redesign is on-going.

We're adding lots of new content and updating their SharePoint look-n-feel.

Site update, animation

Preview - Resort Services
Client: Lougheed Engineering
Delivered: New Site
ISSUES: Dual logos

This client need to integrate two different logos into it's promotional materials. We assisted in the new logo concept design and integrated the final logo into the website.


New logo, pocket brochure

Preview - Resort Services
Client: Lougheed Engineering
Delivered: New logo, Site, Pocket Brochure
ISSUES: Print graphics

We created a beautiful pocket brochure and business cards..

Portrait enhancement, business avatars

Preview - Portrait Enhancement
Client: Various
Delivered: Photo Suitable for LinkedIn
ISSUES: Blurry image | Background noise

Business images suitable as avatars for LinkedIn and Facebook are extremely important. Often they are a prospective client's first impression.

Paying for a professional photographer can be expensive and time consuming.

We will enhance almost any photo, including correcting for age, weight and background clutter. Even your smile can be enhanced with Photoshop.

Overhaul old site

Preview - Resort Services
Client: Resort Services
Delivered: Branding, Data-Driven Website
ISSUES: Outdated Graphics | Broken Database

Received an urgent call. "Can you help us? We've been through three web developers and we still don't have a site." In record time, Guider.com untangled scores of old pages and code. We installed a new database and completely updated the graphics.

The client said he received calls complimenting him on his new site.

On-going management

Preview - Netafim USA
Client: Netafim USA
Delivered: Complete 360° Website Management & Online Marketing for over 10 years
ISSUES: Complex Site - 100's of Pages

Beginning in 1992, Guider.com shouldered complete responsibly for the entire Netafim USA web presence. This comprised thousand's of files and six interconnected division web sites - Agriculture, Greenhouse, Wastewater, Mining, Landscape and Corporate.

Over the years, Guider.com conducted SEO and conducted several Strategic Marketing campaigns.

After the housing bubble in California burst, Netafim transferred ownership of the files in-house.

Photo restoration

2012-photo-restoration2 2012-photo-restoration-guidergone
Client: Non-Commercial
Delivered: Restored baby photograph
ISSUES: Damaged small photo

There is no better gift than a restored and enhanced image of a treasured event or loved family member. Guider.com exacting level of excellent ensures your precious photographs are delicately handled. Intense attention to detail brings vintage images to life.

The original black and white photograph are often very small. Imagine a tiny 3" x 4" picture of your father blown up to an 8 x 10 color graphic and placed in a frame. What a great gift.

Services include: Repair, Color, Print
Output includes: Mobile, Web, DVD

Updated website with flash

Client: R. E. Crosby General Contractors
Delivered: Hosting, Flash, Design
ISSUES: SEO | New Logo

R.E. Crosby needed a website, but had little time to spare. Guider.com studied their business and their competition.

After receiving the basic contact information - a complete strategically target web site was developed. The site is hosted and updated regularly.

The smooth JavaScript animations and high contrast colors make the site both impressive and user-friendly. The navigation is simple yet effective. We provided them with a site that utilizes a mix of Flash, JavaScript and XHTML.



Preview - Dr. Errington
Client: Edwin A. Errington, DDS
Delivered: Design, SEO
ISSUES: Affordable Web Presence

Dr. Errington's website was looking dated and needed an urgent face lift.

The navigation is simple yet affective; the pages can be browsed without opening multiple pages and contact information is shown throughout.

With web standard, Search Engine Optimized code, Dr. Errington's website is fast loading and ranks high in search engines such as Google etc.


Web Site Preview
Client: PrismGeo
Delivered: XHTML/CSS coding
ISSUES: Client Self-Updates| Graphics

PrismGeo is one of the Midwest’s leading geophysical firms. PrismGeo commissioned Guider.com to build the CSS and XHTML for a new and improved website.

Wordpress blog

Web Site Preview
Client: thebarkingdog blog
Delivered: Wordpress Blog/Graphics
ISSUES: Integrate with Facebook site

Created a Wordpress blog site with flash animation and sound.

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